Travel insurance for cancer patients

We understand how hard it can be to find competitive medical travel insurance when you’re living with cancer – so we make it easy for you.

With Medical Travel Compared, you can quickly compare travel insurance that covers your pre-existing medical condition.

When you have cancer, it’s always best to speak to your doctor before paying for any flights, hotels or travel insurance.

Can you get travel insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, it is possible to get travel insurance for cancer patients. While it is not guaranteed (it depends on the severity of your condition), many cancer patients are eligible.

Cancer travel insurance is offered by a number of specialist travel insurers. We work closely with these insurers to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Travel insurance for cancer patients in remission

If your cancer is in remission, then this may have an impact on your medical travel insurance policy.

Cancer patients in remission are considered to be a lower risk than those who are not, and this may be reflected in the cost of your insurance policy.

Many insurers will require you to produce a letter from your doctor that proves you are currently in remission.

Travel Insurance after cancer

Most insurers require you to tell them if you have ever had a cancerous condition, but just because you are declaring your cancer does not mean that your premium will automatically increase.

When applying, you will be able to disclose what type of cancer you had, and how long ago it was, amongst other things. The insurer will then take this information into account when giving you a quote. If they feel there is absolutely no risk of you claiming due your history of cancer, you won’t be charged extra.

Can you get travel insurance with terminal cancer?

While there is no guarantee that those with terminal cancer can get medical travel insurance, it is possible with some specialist insurers.

As always, the specifics of your condition will determine what sort of policy you will be able to get, and how much it will cost.

Which types of cancer are covered?

We’re confident we can find you a good cancer travel insurance plan, regardless of the type of cancer you have.

What does travel insurance cover when you have cancer?

Travel insurance for cancer patients is designed to protect you should cancer or the medications you take for it cause you any problems on holiday. It can cover you if you have to cancel your trip, require emergency medical attention abroad and for the costs to get you home.

We urge travel companions to be insured on the same specialist cancer travel insurance policy so that they too can claim if their holiday plans are affected.

With the right medical travel insurance policy, you can enjoy your time away without the worry of a bill if you need medical care for your condition.