As soon as you’ve made a financial commitment towards your trip, it’s time to compare travel insurance.

When to buy single trip travel insurance

If you’re buying single trip travel insurance, you will be protected from the moment you pay (as long as the policy includes cancellation cover).

This means that if you are forced to cancel your trip between the time you purchase your cover and your holiday departure date, you can turn to your insurance policy to recover your holiday costs.

When to buy annual travel insurance

Annual multi trip travel insurance works a little differently. The cancellation cover kicks in from the policy start date instead.

For example, you can pay for your annual travel insurance policy today but choose to set a start date in four weeks’ time. That start date is when you begin to be covered.

When to buy travel insurance for cruises

You should get travel insurance for cruises as soon as you’ve booked the cruise, to provide protection in case you have to cancel.

If you’re booking your cruise holiday well in advance, the cost of travel insurance can be a bit more to insure against cancellation. Some providers don’t like to insure too far in advance, so it’s worth seeking quotes before you book.

When should travel insurance start?

There’s a common misconception that your travel insurance policy should come into effect from the first day of your holiday.

In fact, your policy start date should always be in advance of your departure date. This means you can claim for cancellation.