If you need travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, it’s important to declare those conditions.

If you don’t declare a medical condition and then fall ill while you’re away, you may find that you are not covered. Declaring a pre-existing condition requires some medical screening.

What is medical screening for travel insurance?

On Medical Travel Compared, medical screening is a series of simple, multiple choice questions that determine the severity of your condition.

Some of the questions might seem personal, but the answers you give are completely confidential.

It’s important that you answer the questions as accurately as you can to ensure that your conditions are properly covered.

While some travel insurers require you to complete medical screening by telephone, we at Medical Travel Compared make medical screening even easier. We give you quotes from a number of medical travel insurance providers after completing just one set of medical screening questions online.

What sort of health screening questions will you be asked?

Depending on the pre-existing medical conditions you have, or have had, you might be asked about the medications you take, whether you’ve been admitted to hospital or when you were first diagnosed.

Can you declare some conditions and exclude others?

You need to declare all the conditions you have been diagnosed with, to make sure your travel insurance policy is valid.

How will your medical condition affect the cost of your travel insurance?

Many medical conditions can be covered for no extra charge, although it’s still important to declare them.

The severity of your condition will determine any additional premium that is required. The insurers will base this additional cost on the risk of you requiring medical treatment while you are away, or needing to cancel your holiday due to illness. If your illness is severe or your condition is unstable, you will unfortunately have to pay more for travel insurance.

We make medical screening for travel insurance easy

It is no longer necessary to spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over again or visiting site after site to find travel insurance when you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Here at Medical Travel Compared, you have access to a free and independent service. We help you compare prices to cover your condition quickly and easily by enabling you to see prices from a selection of insurers all in one place.

Complete just one set of travel insurance medical screening questions and off you go.