Cancellation cover for travel insurance

Cancellation cover is one of the benefits of travel insurance, and you can expect to find it on most policies.

What is cancellation cover?

If something happens that’s preventing you from going on the holiday you’ve booked, you’ll get your money back if you have cancellation cover.

Why might you need cancellation cover?

There are lots of reasons that you may need to cancel your trip.

Holidays are usually booked well in advance, and there are a range of unforeseen things that can happen in the meantime. From a change in employment commitments, a family member or friend passing away, or your own illness – it’s difficult to predict when or how your circumstances might change.

Having a travel insurance policy that includes cancellation cover can give you peace of mind that you’ll get your money back if you need to cancel your holiday.

Can travel insurance cover you for illness?

Illness is a major factor in people cancelling their holidays. If you fall ill before you travel, you’ll benefit from the cancellation cover included in your travel insurance policy.

Does cancellation cover apply to travel insurance for pre-existing conditions?

It’s important that you declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions and any prescribed medication you take at the time of applying for travel insurance.

You may have to pay an additional premium to have your conditions covered – and this means you’ll be entitled to claim should your existing medical conditions be the reason you have to cancel.

What doesn’t cancellation cover include?

Cancellation cover can be useful in many circumstances, but it doesn’t cover everything.

For example, if your flight is cancelled it’s often the airline’s responsibility to refund you or get you another flight, not the insurer’s. You’re also not covered if you miss a flight, or if you decide not to travel simply because you’ve changed your mind.

Of course, terms and conditions will vary from policy to policy, so make sure you check the fine print before buying travel insurance.

Can you get travel insurance for cancellation only?

You can’t get travel insurance for cancellation only. A standard policy will include a number of different benefits, of which cancellation cover is just one.

What level of cancellation cover do you need?

The amount of cancellation cover you need depends on how much your trip has cost.

When comparing policies, check that the cancellation cover limit is enough to cover the cost of your trip, including flights, accommodation and pre-paid excursions.

Always check the excess, too. This is the amount you have to pay if you make a claim.